Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bingo with 'Big Sammie'

Another thing that my best friend, 'Big Sammie', liked to do was play bingo! She was hooked, I tell you! She really loved it because it took her mind off of her pain. She took me along once and we had so much fun! Now you can play bingo online and meet a whole host of nice people while you're doing it! All of the bingo games have live chats and you can meet and enjoy other people while you're having fun playing bingo, right at home! Sammie did love computer games, so if she were still alive, I bet she would definitely be hooked on internet bingo.

There are a lot of things to consider when you are deciding on where to play internet bingo. There are tons of sites online to choose from. I like sites with the free play option, because you can get a feel for how the site works, before giving them any of your money. Most sites have a variety of other games, as well. I, personally, love the slot machines, and I used to play the free slots on one site all the time!

Of course, you really need to be careful of scams when deciding where to play online bingo. One thing to look for is actual contact information. Is the owner of the site reachable in a fairly decent amount of time? Another thing to watch out for is prizes that are too big for the little bit of money that you put into the site. Does the prize sound too big and too easy to win? That would definitely be a red flag. Just be careful, and have fun! You can meet a bunch of new friends and be part of an online bingo family! And you can put the lid back on your dobber! Winking 2


Breezie said...

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latt├ęgirl said...

I seem to have enough ways to spend my money online without getting hooked on bingo, too. ;-)

Lisa said...

Thanks, Breezie! I'll start working on that!

Oh come on, lattegirl, let's have some Bingo fun!! ;)

Retta said...

Eek there's tagging going on! I must hide.

Bingo rocks ;) Internet bingo is awesome, you can play bingo in your jammies and not smell the stinky perfume on the lady in front of you ;)