Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I want to just get cozy on the couch!

And it's all the fault of my friend, Deb - over at the TwoDogZoo blog! She is so sweet and so giving - that she actually sent me two boxes full of clothes, purses, and goodies that she doesn't want anymore!

And one of those things is the coziest sweatshirt EVAH. I got a little chilly, and put it on - and now I just want to quit working and get cozy on the couch! It would be great to do that with the kids when they get home and watch the funny movie Deb told me about on her TwoDogZoo blog, Barnyard. The chill in the air and this great sweatshirt makes that sound like a great idea!

I just love reading her TwoDogZoo blog, because she keeps me up on entertainment news, with a conscience. You'll see just what I mean when you read her post about Daniel Radcliffe getting naked. In all the frenzy, and amazingly beautiful way he turned out - I completely forgot how young he really is - shame on me!

I also really loved her post about An Inconvenient Truth, as I often feel as though I'm not in the know enough to get in the know. Which is really just crazy - but, her post reminds me that I, too, can keep up on important stuff - and not feel totally out of the loop!

Deb is definitely one of my blog idols, and TwoDogZoo is a really great one of her blogs - you should go check it out!


Deb said...

Thx Lisa (big hug)

Lisa said...

You are so welcome! :D