Monday, March 05, 2007

Great loan website!

This is a great loan website! I am learning so much - so much of this stuff is so confusing, and I often try to ask my husband about it, but, his explanations often further confuse me, and then he gets frustrated, and then I get know the deal!

Well, this UK loans website has really helped me to understand a lot. It really helped me to understand what secured personal loans are.

The site is really cool, because you can plug in a bit of information about what you are looking for in a loan and they will search over 200 loan plans for you! That is great!

And obviously, Alabama is not in the UK, but I do have a few British and Welsh readers - and the vast amount of information on the site is so helpful, to even me!

Besides the helpful information on each different type of loan page, they also have quite a few articles separated into categories, to help you out. Even an article about loans for strange purposes! Someone wanted a loan for a camel! Too funny!

Even though we are across the pond, reading all of this makes me feel a little better about the situation hubby and I find ourselves in, or, rather - put ourselves in. We have really messed up our credit and we tried to do a debt consolidation, but, for whatever reason it didn't work. It didn't help us out.

It would be incredibly awesome if there were some bad credit mortgages available to us, so that we could get our house in our name. We have so many plans for the house, but, it is hard to really commit to doing them when you don't have the house in your names.

And hubby is a contractor and he is really good at his craft. I have this image in my head of the whole house spinning in circles for a minute or two, and then coming to rest as an immaculate, incredible dreamhouse - the prettiest one on the block. Ah - silly cartoon dreams... *sigh*

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