Tuesday, February 20, 2007

She's a 'cracker'!

That is what Hugh Grant said the other day on The View when talking about his girlfriend! The ladies were all laughing and Hugh had this confused (and completely adorable, I might add) look on his face!

It was so funny! As they were explaining it to him, he was like, "Oh, that's not a good thing?"

So cute! See, across the pond, he explained, that means she's a great girl - gorgeous, sharp, smart, etc!

There was some other funny word difference they talked about during the show, but, I can't remember what that one was.

I just find it so interesting that our two 'languages' are so different when they are the same language! And it's fun learning about the funny differences!!

I have a couple of online British friends, and one of them the other day, just smooth as could be, used 'fortnight' in a sentence, like it was nothing. I thought it was so cute!

She might even be reading this! Hi Cat!! ;)

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