Thursday, February 22, 2007

Leica binoculars

This morning as I was getting the kids up and ready for school, I noticed an interesting bird out back in the driveway. Some of you know, we just moved to Alabama recently, and so I am really enjoying discovering the difference in the wildlife out here.

And this sweet little birdie this morning was so cute! I think it might have been a mourning dove, and they just look different out here, because quite a few creatures do look different out here. The squirrels, for instance, are smaller, and more colorful.

It is a good thing Mark and I both keep our binoculars on the table right next to the back door - because they come in handy in situations just like this! But it sure would be nice to have a really nice pair!

Like the leica binoculars at Eagle Optics. The Ultravid 8x20 BCR looks like a perfect pair for me! They are small, but, very powerful and are ultra comfortable with their rugged black rubber armor. They only weigh 8.5 oz, and come with a carry case and neck strap. And the really cool thing is that they have pop up eyecups for people who wear glasses!! That is awesome - I get so sick of taking my glasses off and putting them back on when I'm using my binoculars - so that would come in really handy!

Eagle Optics would be a great place to buy them, too, because they offer free financing on orders over $200 - that is very cool! And they have an unbelievable selection with really great prices!

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